Project Watch: All Hallows Catholic College, Macclesfield

Desperate to rid themselves of their tatty old furniture, All Hallows Catholic College in Macclesfield called and asked us to design them a completely new Sixth Form Centre.


We surveyed the room before designing the layout and found out that not only would it be a place to relax, but also somewhere to host assemblies. Therefore, we decided that the majority of the furniture should face the screen on the back wall of the room.

The seating configurations were designed carefully so that students could both sit inwards to form groups around tables for study, chat and playing games but also be able to turn around to face the screen for presentations and assemblies with ease.

The teachers were all thrilled with the seating and couldn’t believe what a transformation the room had undergone, and are now even pushing for a revamp of their staffroom.


Project Watch: Pretty in Pink – Modular Seating @ Blessed Hugh Faringdon School, Reading

The Sixth Form students at Blessed Hugh Faringdon School in Reading will have had a surprise this week when they turned up for the new academic year. We’ve given their hangout room a bit of a makeover with our Concept2 Modular Seating.

Amongst a seemingly infinite choice of colours, the teachers at Blessed Hugh Faringdon opted for Magenta and Purple pairings along with Blue and Teal to create a really bright and fun-feeling room for the students to enjoy.

With a combination of larger modular sofas running along the perimeters of the room and smaller cubes, drums and benches in the middle, we’re sure the Sixth Formers will love being able to arrange their own seating layouts for different tasks whether it be study, chat or playing games.

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You can see our full range of Modular Seating here


Project Watch: Cubes Getting Out and About to a Fancy Doo or Two


SAP Users Group Conference 2012 – Hosted by AMA Events @ The Point, LCCC.

We recently rented out our pristine ivory white cubes and tables to AMA Events who were hosting the SAP Users Group Conference 2012 at The Point – Lancashire County Cricket Club`s plush events and conference centre.

Our cubes added an extra touch of sophistication to the event, but they certainly didn’t end up where they started as guests made full use of their freely-moveable nature sliding them around to mingle in new groups throughout the night.

You’d think these little things would be damaged by now with all the action they’ve seen, but no, they’re still good as new. That’s the great thing about Faux Leather you see – it’s tough as nails and it’s easy to clean, so no need to worry about spillages or the like.

It’s on to a few Christmas parties now for these little cubes…

Cube Company

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