Why We Love: Camira’s 100% Recycled ‘X2’ Fabric

Camira have been working away at producing their very first 100% recycled fabric and after years of development, they have succeeded with a terrific little range called ‘X2’. Read on to find out why we love it so much…

Of the raw materials that go into the X2 range, 25% comes from Camira’s own waste – specifically polyester selvedges and yarn remnants – and that is something we feel like making a noise about.

The X2 range has been awarded an EU Ecolabel for it’s significantly reduced impact on the environment, but it’s not just the eco-friendly aspect that makes this range special.

With 20 colours to choose from, this range has a distinct theme about it with it’s slate grey mottled background effect adding character to a mix of fun, bright colours and sophisticated neutrals.

The mottled effect appeals to those looking for practicality as well as style with it’s effective ability to aid appearance retention and disguise signs of wear and stains.

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Why We Love: Kirkby Design’s London Underground Fabric Range

We see a lot (and I mean a lot) of new fabrics here at Cube Company. Some are good and some not so good. Some get a nod of approval and some a firm thumbs down. Some are like Marmite dividing opinion throughout and then there are some – just a special, select few – that are instant hits with absolutely everyone here AND anyone who comes in to visit. Kirkby’s Underground range is that hit and this is why we love it so much…

Transport for London Underground Fabric

Kirkby Design have worked with Transport for London (TfL) to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the London Underground by recreating a handful of iconic fabric designs which were used in 1930s buses and 1970s tube carriages among others around London and the result is truly wonderful.

Kirkby Underground Fabric

The classic moquette designs have been reworked in Kirkby colours to add a fresh, contemporary touch to the unforgettable originals. We’ve already had interest from all kinds of companies for their offices, so we know this range is going to become crazily popular.

Kirkby Underground Fabric Range2

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Cube Company’s End-of-Season Premier League Awards

With the 2012/13 Barclays Premier League season now over, we thought we’d ask Marketing Matt (our resident football anorak) to dish out the Cube Company End-of-season Premier League Awards to whoever he found deserving of them.

. . .

Player of the Season – Luis Suarez
“Suarez scored 23 goals in 33 Premier League appearances and was a talismanic figure in the Liverpool side all season – until he went and got himself suspended for biting Chelsea’s Branoslav Ivanovic that is. But it’s not just Suarez’s stats that earn him my POTS award, he has comfortably been the most exciting player to watch over the course of the season (Bale didn’t start that well)”.

Manager of the Season – Steve Clark
“Steve Clark. Not the Scot you were expecting? Clark gets my vote because his West Bromich Albion side overachieved massively to finish in 8th, and let’s not forget, they were battling it out for the top 4 in the opening months of the season. After Roy Hodgson, many expected WBA to regress, but Clark has taken them  to the next level with a top-half finish and deserves so much praise”.

Young Player of the Season – Romelu Lukaku
“Gareth Bale is 23 and, for me, that’s not all that young these days with players breaking through at 16 and 17, so Romelu Lukaku of gets my award here. The 20-year-old Belgian had an incredible season on-loan at West Brom from Chelsea scoring 17 Premier League goals despite starting as a substitute in almost as many games as he started.”

Best Signing – Robin Van Persie (Arsenal to Manchester United, £24M)

“This is an obvious one that needs little explanation. Van Persie scored 30 goals for Arsenal last season, joined Manchester United for £24 million in the summer, scored 26 goals this season and won United the title. Simple.”

Worst Signing – Scott Sinclair (Swansea City to Manchester City, £6M)
“Bizzare. Just bizarre from both perspectives – the club and the player. You can either praise Sinclair’s ambition, or blast that he should have known better. The winger started just 2 Premier League games for City and more often than not failed to even make the 18-man matchday squad.”

Bargain of the Season –
Michu (Rayo Vallecano to Swansea City, £2M)
“Another easy one, and one that we’ve heard about non-stop all season: Michu. He scored 14 goals in La Liga for Rayo Vallecano last season, Swansea some how picked him up for just £2M and he scored 18 Premier League goals for them.”

Most Improved Player – Romelu Lukaku
“Last year in his first season at Chelsea, Lukaku only played a handful of games, scored no goals and looked as if he wouldn’t be living up to the tag of ‘the next Drogba’, but this season at West Brom the youngster has come alive and shown himself to be one of the brightest emerging talents in the division.”

Most Underrated Player – Julio Cesar
“Controversial one, this, but I’m going to say Julio Cesar at QPR. It was thought he was past his best and only in London for the money, but in a team that struggled so badly he was in tremendous form for most of the season. He never drew much praise because of QPR’s precarious position and poor defensive record, so he’s the perfect recipient of this award”


Biggest One-man Team – Aston Villa (Christian Benteke)
“Some people say Tottenham with Gareth Bale, others say United with Robin Van Persie, but I have no doubts that Aston Villa were the biggest one-man team in the Premier League this season. Beneteke scored 40% of Aston Villa’s goals this season.  Forty percent! Compare that with Bale (32% of Spurs’ goals) and Robin Van Persie (30% of United’s goals) and you’ll give up trying to argue against this one.”

Goal of the Season – Loic Remy (QPR v Wigan)
“It’s all about personal preference here. First of all, special mentions to Van Persie v Aston Villa and Bale v West Ham, but Remy’s beautiful side-foot which flies into the far top corner from outside the box against Wigan after that swift QPR break-away was just too good for me. And what about those white birds? It’s as if they’re doves symbolising a great moment is about to happen.”

Assist of the Season – Wayne Rooney (Manchester United v Aston Villa)
“THAT Van Persie goal doesn’t happen without THIS Wayne Rooney pass. It was a sumptuous lofted 50-yard pass over the top of the Villa defence right into the stride of Robin Van Persie and it is easily my assist of the season.”

So, there you have it, the Cube Company End-of-season 2013/13 Premier League Awards as chosen by Matt from Marketing.

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Welcome to the Cube Company Blog


We’ve just set up our brand new blog.

Over the next few weeks, you can expect to find all sorts of company and industry news, pictures and videos of recently completed projects, opinion pieces on all sorts of topics and, generally, anything things that interests us.

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