Project Watch: All Hallows Catholic College, Macclesfield

Desperate to rid themselves of their tatty old furniture, All Hallows Catholic College in Macclesfield called and asked us to design them a completely new Sixth Form Centre.


We surveyed the room before designing the layout and found out that not only would it be a place to relax, but also somewhere to host assemblies. Therefore, we decided that the majority of the furniture should face the screen on the back wall of the room.

The seating configurations were designed carefully so that students could both sit inwards to form groups around tables for study, chat and playing games but also be able to turn around to face the screen for presentations and assemblies with ease.

The teachers were all thrilled with the seating and couldn’t believe what a transformation the room had undergone, and are now even pushing for a revamp of their staffroom.


Project Watch: Pretty in Pink – Modular Seating @ Blessed Hugh Faringdon School, Reading

The Sixth Form students at Blessed Hugh Faringdon School in Reading will have had a surprise this week when they turned up for the new academic year. We’ve given their hangout room a bit of a makeover with our Concept2 Modular Seating.

Amongst a seemingly infinite choice of colours, the teachers at Blessed Hugh Faringdon opted for Magenta and Purple pairings along with Blue and Teal to create a really bright and fun-feeling room for the students to enjoy.

With a combination of larger modular sofas running along the perimeters of the room and smaller cubes, drums and benches in the middle, we’re sure the Sixth Formers will love being able to arrange their own seating layouts for different tasks whether it be study, chat or playing games.

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Project Watch: Bubble Design Fabric Modular Sofas at Millennium Point, Birmingham

We’re very proud to show off the project we did for the £114 million pound Millennium Point complex in Birmingham which contains a science museum and giant screen cinema among many others.

We supplied an array of our Concept2 Modular Seating, Drums, Cubes, Tables and Barstools upholstered in our bubble design Smarty fabric in navy blue and pink for the foyer and cafe area of the much-famed Giant Screen Cinema.

The Giant Screen Cinema opted for our sled legs on the bottom of the sofas and arms at each end to create a contemporary but cosy feel for their customers and the stainless steel used for the sofa legs and table legs matched the whole complex’s futuristic look and feel perfectly.

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Project Watch: Grand Poseur Height Booths at Niche Nightclub, Aylesbury

The Grand Poseur Height Booths requested by the owner of Niche Nightclub were possibly our biggest design and manufacturing challenge in years, but we relish the opportunity to create something a little bit different and ended up delighting the whole team at Niche with the final product.

Grand Back Poseur Booths @ Niche Nightclub, Aylesbury

We were given the brief of creating 3 luxury-look back-to-back booths to seat guests at bar height, but each booth had to be slightly different.

The booth seating was intended to be hired out for club nights, so we designed the backs to be very tall in order to offer guests an intimate and somewhat closed-off feel, and designed the curves at the top of the backs to make the seating even more aesthetically pleasing.

We recommended a rich, glossy-finish fabric in both silver and purple to contribute to the lavish look desired by Niche and also used this to recover some of their existing modular seating (pictured above, right).

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Project Watch: Swarovski Diamante Button Back Seating at Aren’s Bar & Restaurant, Northwood

It’s not everyday we get asked to make deep button back seating with Swarovski Diamante buttons, so we knew this project was going to be a bit special.

The Woodman, Northwood
And it certainly was. The owners of The Woodman in Northwood wanted black faux leather seating with traditional folded and pleated deep buttoning to convey a lavish image, and the Swarovski Diamante buttons certainly helped that.

We reupholstered over 20 metres of fixed seating and also created a brand new type of drum with deep button backs to match as well as some gold faux leather barstools with, you guessed it, deep button backs.

But the deep buttoning didn’t stop there, we upholstered a number of panels in white faux leather with more Swarovski Diamante buttons for the bar area and DJ booth.

Once the project was finished, The Woodman had been transformed from a building site to an incredibly trendy and up-market bar with a sea of glistening diamond buttons all around.

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Project Watch: Multicoloured Modular Seating at LSI, Portsmouth

We’ve just successfully helped Language Specialists International (LSI) in Portsmouth transform their previously tired common room into a radiant, lively hub of study and socialising with a bright assortment of modular seating and cubes.


As ever with our modular seating projects, we got creative and came up with a number of prospective layouts comprising of different arrangements and colour schemes for LSI to choose from.

In the end, the language school opted for a 72-seat layout encompassing arc configurations, corner set-ups and centrebenches (pictured left) in a blend of bright and beautiful colours.

“Great service from start to finish from Paul and all the team at Cube Company. We’re so happy with the results and the students love the new look! Big thanks to all!!” – Hannah Youell – Marketing, Student Services and Assistant to the Principal

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Project Watch: School Seating at Harvey Grammar, Folkestone

Cube Company provided The Harvey Grammar School in Folkestone with a large 70+ seat layout of its innovative Concept2 Modular Seating range for the Sixth Form common room.

Firstly, we designed a number of layout plans for the school to choose from. Then, when one was decided on, we began manufacturing a range of different shaped configurable seats in red, black and grey faux leather to match the school’s colours.

Finally, we delivered all the seating and tables exactly 4 weeks from the order date and stood back to watch teachers and student alike brimming with excitement over their fancy new common room.

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