Why We Love: Camira’s 100% Recycled ‘X2’ Fabric

Camira have been working away at producing their very first 100% recycled fabric and after years of development, they have succeeded with a terrific little range called ‘X2’. Read on to find out why we love it so much…

Of the raw materials that go into the X2 range, 25% comes from Camira’s own waste – specifically polyester selvedges and yarn remnants – and that is something we feel like making a noise about.

The X2 range has been awarded an EU Ecolabel for it’s significantly reduced impact on the environment, but it’s not just the eco-friendly aspect that makes this range special.

With 20 colours to choose from, this range has a distinct theme about it with it’s slate grey mottled background effect adding character to a mix of fun, bright colours and sophisticated neutrals.

The mottled effect appeals to those looking for practicality as well as style with it’s effective ability to aid appearance retention and disguise signs of wear and stains.

Head over to our website to see what products you might like to have upholstered in this smashing range.



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