Leave the ‘Coffice’ and Get Back to the Office

The next time you’re in a centrally-located coffee shop, take a look around. You’ll notice the majority of people inside are either working on their laptops and tablets or hosting meetings. Enter the term ‘Coffice’ – a coffee shop being used as an office.


We think it’s great to get out of the office every now and then, sure. It’s fun, it helps us break up boring routines and we feel a sense of freedom. But what ever happened to building a community within the workplace? What happened to company culture?

We believe that if companies provided their staff with stimulating environments, employees wouldn’t want to escape the office at any given opportunity.

It’s obvious why people would want to work in coffee shops rather than worn out, tired canteen areas that have had no refurbishments carried out in years. Or perhaps it’s those grim cubicles that employees like to flee by heading out to work somewhere more sociable and stimulating.

Thankfully, we are seeing a shift away from fixed, old-fashioned individual workspaces such as cubicles towards larger areas being allocated to creative group spaces that cater for casual meetings, creative collaboration and comfortable relaxation.

Industry research is showing that these spaces are boosting company performance in so many ways including increased productivity, greater creativity and improved collaboration among colleagues.

Here at Cube, we hope to help companies in that sense by offering seating solutions that can create desirable working environments and breakout areas which will have employees bringing their mochas and macchiatos straight back to the office.


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