8 Things We All Hate When Eating Out at Restaurants

Its time for a moan, so here at Cube we’re looking at the things that really bug us about eating out. Now, eating out is great, of course,  we all love it, but that’s not to say it’s always perfect. So, in no particular order, the 8 things we all hate when eating out are…


1) “We’re out of [insert food here], I’m afraid”
It happens. We know, we know. But that doesn’t make it any easier to accept when you’ve been eyeing the options for 10 minutes and finally narrowed it down to that one special selection in amongst tens of delightful dishes only to be told you can’t have it.

2) “Sorry, we don’t take bookings”
We shouldn’t have to take a chance on getting a table at our favourite restaurants on a Friday or Saturday night after a long, hard week at work. Even worse, we don’t want to queue or sit and wait for an hour to get a table. So it’s a big thumbs down to all restaurant who enforce the policy.

3) Being ready to order, but being unable to see or attract the attention of waiting staff for what feels like an eternity
Is there anything more frustrating? We’re ready to order and have been for quite some time now, but there is not a single waiter or waitress in sight. We’ve all been close to getting up and leaving to go elsewhere, but we never do, do we? A little more vigilance from the waiting staff is all we ask.

4) Overly-friendly, overly-attentive and borderline intrusive waiting staff
Now we might just be being picky, us diners, but surely there’s a style somewhere in the between being a ghost waiter and a ‘hi-how’s-your-day-let-me-practically-join-your-party’ type of waiter. Just be ready for us when we need you and, well,  politely clear off when we’re trying to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Is that being cruel?

5) Badly positioned tables and/or a lack of common sense by the person seating you at a particular table
If we’re out for dinner with that special someone, we don’t want to be sat right by the door and definitely not next to the party of 10 rowdy jack-the-lads who have a hundred empty beer glasses on their table, do we? So why do some waiting staff or hosts fail to consider seemingly obvious things like that? We don’t know, but it’s incredibly annoying and is one of our biggest bugbears when going out to eat.

6) Having a table on borrowed time
OK, so we’ve been taken to our table, we’ve all squished into a booth and we’re ready for a nice big feast to celebrate an occasion, but then the waitress hits us with that “I’m afraid we need this table back in an hour and a half”. Now, we can understand if we’ve come out on the off-chance of getting a table, but if we’ve booked and still been told to clear off by a set time something is quite clearly wrong.

7) When a “discretionary service charge” is added automatically to the bill
The key word here is “discretionary”. It’s up to us if we want to leave a tip or not, so seeing it has already been added to our bill without our say so is just rude and something that needs flagging up.

8) Having ‘that debate’ about tipping with our friends/ family at the end of the meal.
Oh, here we go again. We’re paying up, splitting the bill and now it’s time for that contentious debate about tipping. We have it every single time we go out and it always ends up with the good Samaritans of the group pioneering the Union of Waiting Staff and the more, shall we say, frugal types criticising the entire concept of tipping and vociferously repeating that they “don’t get paid tips for doing their jobs”.  So, next time you’re out, don’t get sucked in. Just sit back, observe, remember this post and have a little laugh to yourself.

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Leave the ‘Coffice’ and Get Back to the Office

The next time you’re in a centrally-located coffee shop, take a look around. You’ll notice the majority of people inside are either working on their laptops and tablets or hosting meetings. Enter the term ‘Coffice’ – a coffee shop being used as an office.


We think it’s great to get out of the office every now and then, sure. It’s fun, it helps us break up boring routines and we feel a sense of freedom. But what ever happened to building a community within the workplace? What happened to company culture?

We believe that if companies provided their staff with stimulating environments, employees wouldn’t want to escape the office at any given opportunity.

It’s obvious why people would want to work in coffee shops rather than worn out, tired canteen areas that have had no refurbishments carried out in years. Or perhaps it’s those grim cubicles that employees like to flee by heading out to work somewhere more sociable and stimulating.

Thankfully, we are seeing a shift away from fixed, old-fashioned individual workspaces such as cubicles towards larger areas being allocated to creative group spaces that cater for casual meetings, creative collaboration and comfortable relaxation.

Industry research is showing that these spaces are boosting company performance in so many ways including increased productivity, greater creativity and improved collaboration among colleagues.

Here at Cube, we hope to help companies in that sense by offering seating solutions that can create desirable working environments and breakout areas which will have employees bringing their mochas and macchiatos straight back to the office.

Project Watch: All Hallows Catholic College, Macclesfield

Desperate to rid themselves of their tatty old furniture, All Hallows Catholic College in Macclesfield called and asked us to design them a completely new Sixth Form Centre.


We surveyed the room before designing the layout and found out that not only would it be a place to relax, but also somewhere to host assemblies. Therefore, we decided that the majority of the furniture should face the screen on the back wall of the room.

The seating configurations were designed carefully so that students could both sit inwards to form groups around tables for study, chat and playing games but also be able to turn around to face the screen for presentations and assemblies with ease.

The teachers were all thrilled with the seating and couldn’t believe what a transformation the room had undergone, and are now even pushing for a revamp of their staffroom.

Project Watch: Pretty in Pink – Modular Seating @ Blessed Hugh Faringdon School, Reading

The Sixth Form students at Blessed Hugh Faringdon School in Reading will have had a surprise this week when they turned up for the new academic year. We’ve given their hangout room a bit of a makeover with our Concept2 Modular Seating.

Amongst a seemingly infinite choice of colours, the teachers at Blessed Hugh Faringdon opted for Magenta and Purple pairings along with Blue and Teal to create a really bright and fun-feeling room for the students to enjoy.

With a combination of larger modular sofas running along the perimeters of the room and smaller cubes, drums and benches in the middle, we’re sure the Sixth Formers will love being able to arrange their own seating layouts for different tasks whether it be study, chat or playing games.

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You can see our full range of Modular Seating here


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