7 Must Have Office Gadgets to Make You Happier and More Productive at Work

Work can be tiring, stressful, tedious and often unproductive, but the following gadgets can help towards making your time in the office that much happier and more productive.

1) USB Mug Warmer
You’ve just made everyone in the team a coffee and sit down to drink yours… as you grasp for the handle you can almost taste the coffee, but mid-way through the cup’s ascent to your lips the phone goes; you put your mug down and end up tied into a 30-minute phone call. After the call has ended, you reach for your coffee only to find it is stone cold and needs replacing. This scenario will never happen again with a USB Mug Warmer.

2) Desktop Fan
Never fear a hot summers day stuck in the office again with your own desktop fan. Heat and humidity is known to cause drowsiness and affect productivity levels, so keep cool and stay on the ball.

3) Stressball
We’re sure some of you might like to use your boss’ head as a stressball, but we really do advise against that kind of thing. Get yourself a little stressball to fidget with when you’re feeling anxious or restless and you’ll find yourself much calmer and focused in your performance overall at work.

4) Mobile Device Charging Station
So, you’ve had a long day at work and are looking forward to letting off a bit of steam at the gym after, but you realise your iPod has no battery, or even worse your phone has died so you can’t make plans for after. Get yourself a mobile device charging station to keep everything topped up with charge to avoid those annoying scenarios.

5) Mood Lighting
Whether it be a little lamp on your desk or some form of quirky USB led lighting gadget, mood lighting will make your desk feel more personalized and comfortable. You might even find you work better in your new atmosphere.


6) Desktop Vacuum Cleaner
If you’re one of those workers who barely has time to stop for lunch and has to scoff a couple of sandwiches at your desk, then a USB vacuum cleaner is the thing for you. Keeping your workspace clean and organised is one of the easiest ways to make a great impression on your colleagues and employer(s).

7) Silent Mouse
This is arguably the most expendable item from this list, but a silent mouse will rid you of that familiar, mundane clicking sound that you have to put up with second after second, minute after minute, day after day. You might even find you feel more relaxed with it gone.

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