Office Interior Design: 5 Brilliant Ways to Give Your Office a Makeover

Is your office in desperate need of a bit of interior design? Is it worn and tired? Perhaps it’s just overly minimalistic and boring? Use these 5 simple ideas to reinvigorate your office and, with that, your workforce.

1) Give the walls a lick of paint

Most offices tend to have bland, neutral coloured walls like whites, magnolias and greys which can make the workplace feel dull, lifeless and boring. Jazz up your walls with some vivid colour to inject some life into the place and even boost creativity and productivity. Blues are said to increase productivity whilst yellows and oranges are supposed to work wonders for creativity.

2) Recover dull, worn office chairs

Add even more accents of colour to your office with reupholstered seat pads on all your office chairs. Either choose your company colours or go for a random eclectic mix of vivid tones to create a fresh and quirky look.

3) Create a cool breakout room with innovative modular seating

Give your staff somewhere to go to either relax or get creative for tasks and projects. Breakout rooms are appearing in more and more offices and modular seating is the key ingredient. Modular seating can be configured into almost any layout – some even venture to say that it is only restricted by your imagination. Anyway, it’s flexibility makes it great for team tasks and it is essential for forward-thinking companies and modern offices. We specialise in modular seating, so feel free to visit our official website.

4) Throw in a pool table, football table or ping-pong table

Let your staff have some fun when they’re away from their desks. Putting in a games table will boost office-wide morale and allow colleagues to form bonds on their breaks – this can only be good for a company. Obviously, if your office is a call center then it is best not to put a ping-pong table in the middle of the workfloor, but there’s usually always a bit of space going spare somewhere else.

5) Put up some wall art

As well as painting the walls, you can put up some canvasses and pictures to bring your office to life that little bit more. Whether it be dramatic landscapes, great sporting moments or inspirational quotes and adages, use your walls to positively affect your workforce.

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Project Watch: Bubble Design Fabric Modular Sofas at Millennium Point, Birmingham

We’re very proud to show off the project we did for the £114 million pound Millennium Point complex in Birmingham which contains a science museum and giant screen cinema among many others.

We supplied an array of our Concept2 Modular Seating, Drums, Cubes, Tables and Barstools upholstered in our bubble design Smarty fabric in navy blue and pink for the foyer and cafe area of the much-famed Giant Screen Cinema.

The Giant Screen Cinema opted for our sled legs on the bottom of the sofas and arms at each end to create a contemporary but cosy feel for their customers and the stainless steel used for the sofa legs and table legs matched the whole complex’s futuristic look and feel perfectly.

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Discover the 7 Great Ways Modular Seating Can Improve Your School

Discover the amazing ways Modular Seating can improve your school in aspects you possibly hadn’t even thought of with our brand new blog post…

Cube Company's Concept2 Modular Seating
Modular seating is a modern furniture concept which allows various different-sized and different-shaped units to be configured together to form all kinds of layouts to fit all kinds of rooms and spaces. Here, we will list the 7 ways modular seating can improve your school.

1) Revitalise old, worn rooms quickly and easily
Fresh, new, brightly-coloured seating can breathe life into tiring rooms and make a stunning visual impact. What’s more, it can be done quickly and with far less hassle than, say, laying new carpets and painting walls. All you need to do is choose some seating you like, order it, wait for it to arrive and have the delivery guys drop it into place. Simple.

2) Improved communal atmospheres
Arranging seating into group configurations can transform a very segmented room into one with a thriving atmosphere where students can mingle in large groups and really get the conversation flowing (as long as the teachers allow it!)

3) More opportunities for shared learning activities
Given that modular seating can be configured in almost any way imaginable, students are able to set up an arrangement that allows them to tackle group tasks best in a matter of minutes.

4) Freedom, flexibility for new and innovative teaching plans
Similarly to the point made above, teachers will also be able to devise various new lesson plans based around teamwork activities which can be carried out thanks to modular seating.

5) Students and teachers alike take pride in new-look common rooms, classrooms and receptions
Students love it when they get new ‘stuff’. So brand-new, brightly-coloured, comfortable modular seating is likely to give them a reason to feel proud of their newly-renovated common room. We would guess that means better behaviour, but wouldnt bank on it!

6)  Durability, longevity of use
Forget replacing broken chairs every few months, or torn fabrics on cheap sofas. The modular seating we manufacture (Concept2) is made with solid wooden frames and upholstered in only the most hard-wearing contract fabrics and faux leathers. This means you are likely to get use out of your seating for the best part of a decade. That also means you can use your budget for more important things than torn cushions etc.

7) It makes a great impression on visitors
Offsted visits? Parents scouting schools for their children? Governors? Whoever it might be, modular seating in bright colours and funky layouts can help to make a truly great and lasting impression on visitors.

Tell us what you think about modular seating for schools in the comments below…

Project Watch: Grand Poseur Height Booths at Niche Nightclub, Aylesbury

The Grand Poseur Height Booths requested by the owner of Niche Nightclub were possibly our biggest design and manufacturing challenge in years, but we relish the opportunity to create something a little bit different and ended up delighting the whole team at Niche with the final product.

Grand Back Poseur Booths @ Niche Nightclub, Aylesbury

We were given the brief of creating 3 luxury-look back-to-back booths to seat guests at bar height, but each booth had to be slightly different.

The booth seating was intended to be hired out for club nights, so we designed the backs to be very tall in order to offer guests an intimate and somewhat closed-off feel, and designed the curves at the top of the backs to make the seating even more aesthetically pleasing.

We recommended a rich, glossy-finish fabric in both silver and purple to contribute to the lavish look desired by Niche and also used this to recover some of their existing modular seating (pictured above, right).

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The 7 Best Ways to Personalise Your Workspace and the 3 Worst


Your workspace is an incredibly important part of your work life. After all, you probably spend more time there per week than any other. There are so many ways to make it feel more personal to you, but here we chiseled the list down to the top 7 ways.

1) Photos

Pictures of loved ones are the best way to personalise your workspace. They can fill you with calm in times of stress and pressure and make you smile if you’re having a tough day. Be careful not to put up pictures that can distract you and whisk you off to the past too often, though.

2) Plants
A low-maintenance plant will improve your mood and the oxygen quality around your desk, thus making you more productive; not to mention they look and smell nice.

3) Colour
“Colour?” You ask yourself. Well, yes. However you do it, try to work a bit of colour into you workspace. Most people do this with posters and pieces of fabric. Choose either your favourite colours, or colours like blue and green which supposedly boost productivity.

4) PC Wallpaper/ Screensaver
This might sound like a silly one, but your PC wallpaper and screensaver are terrific little ways to stamp your own personality on your workspace. Whether it be a family photo or your favourite scenic landscape, this is a brilliant quick, easy and free way to customise your area that little bit more.

5) Books
Just having some of your books on the shelf will naturally make you feel more at home and will give you something to read at lunchtime. Books also show others what your interests are and possibly what sort of person you are. They can be a good conversation starter.

6) Themed Calendar
This is a good way to personalise whilst being organised, so it’s the perfect piece for any workspace. If you’re a fan of travel, you might want a places-of-the-world calendar; if you’re a fan of football, you might want your club’s official calender.

7) Brainteasers/ Inspirational Quotes
Get posters or wall art pieces with quotes or brainteasers that either represent you or feel relevant to your journey in life. These also make your workspace more inviting and offer talking points for people passing by.

The Worst:

1) Tat
A few bits and bobs CAN be ok, like maybe a funny coaster for your mug, but an entire squadron of figurines isn’t! Be careful with even a few bits though as your collection can soon grow and get out of hand.

2) Offensive or provocative posters, mugs or other ‘stuff’ 

This is one way you can make yourself unpopular very quickly. Putting up posters containing nudity or explicit language is likely to earn you an uncomfortable seat in the boss’ office and probably some form of disciplinary sanction. Don’t put anything up or leave anything on show that could cause offence to anyone else in the office. Even items that make your political views known are probably best being kept away.

3) Mess

Having nothing that personalises your desk is better than having lots that leave your desk cluttered and untidy. A minimal, clean and organised desk makes you look better than something that resembles a bomb site. If you’re hoping to impress the bosses for that new vacancy, your workspace is one of the key indicators of the type of person you are. Keep it clean.
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