It’s Time to Make a Stand: Push Away Your Chair and Work on Your Feet

Offices could look very different in the near future after exercise experts have said people should get rid of their chairs and stand up at work in order to lead a healthier lifestyle.

According to research, sitting down at work all day every day for the majority of your career can be as detrimental to your health as smoking, whilst standing for just 3 hours per day can can benefit you greatly by burning off up to 12lbs of fat per year.

With that in mind, employers are beginning to transform their traditional offices with new and innovative standing stations and desks.

In our everyday lives, we sit down at work, sit down in the car and sit down to watch television in the evenings. It isn’t natural and it isn’t healthy: sitting down for long periods is proven to slow down our metabolic rates. Standing up for just a few hours a day, however, can reduce obesity and improve circulation, so it can only benefit employees who are able to lead healthier lifestyles and be more productive thus making employers happier too.

And if you think exercising is enough to counter the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, you’re wrong. According to the experts, one couldn’t physically do enough, nor have the time to do the amount required to make up for all the sitting they do throughout the week. Therefore, standing stations at work are the only way to go and office managers are becoming more and more aware of that with each newly-published report on the matter.

The detriments of sitting down all day are now seeping into public consciousness, so you can expect the landscape of offices to look drastically different in the next 5-10 years.

But eventually, with employees standing for long periods during the day, more and more offices will feature break-out rooms or relaxation rooms with sofas and modular seating so that staff can have short breaks to take the weight off their feet for a little while.

Is your office prepared for change?

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Booth Seating Really Does Make Your Restaurant More Profitable

Look at the picture below… if you were given the choice between a table and chair configuration or one of those booths, which would you take? You’d take the booth seating, right? Well, so would almost everyone.

You see, booth seating creates a win-win situation for you and your customers. Not only will your restaurant look better and seat more customers, it will ensure customers enjoy their dining experience that little bit more and actually increase the amount they spend in your establishment.

Here are 6 reasons to choose booth seating for your restaurant:

1) Comfortable and cosy
Most booth seating is made up of upholstered seats with foam padding which makes them much cosier than a hard wooden-back chair and comfort is a big part of the dining experience for most people. Therefore, comfortable customers often equal happy customers.

2) Private dining, VIP-feel
We all mainly like booths because they create a feeling that we are separate from the rest of the restaurant, that we are in some way special or lucky. Even though we’re out in public, most of us still like a bit of personal space to en joy our time with our family and friends, and booth seating enables us to do this like no other.

3) Seat more guests per square foot
Booths can go back-to-back so take up less room than table and chair configurations. With booths you don’t need to worry about leaving ample room for guests and waiting staff to be able to walk in between tables and chairs.

4) Booths bring in more revenue
Research from the United States shows that customers who sat in booths spent an average of $17.75 more than those who sat at free-standing tables and chairs. Fact. Some customers spent longer in their booths thus bought more courses and more drinks, whilst others tended to go for more expensive dishes fitting with their more ‘expensive feeling’ seats.

5) Creative layouts
The great thing about booths is they can be laid out in various different ways to segment a restaurant, create different atmospheres and, of course, form great interior design. As well as the traditional method of lining booths up back-to-back, ‘floating’ booths can create a great look in the centre of a restaurant too.

6) Custom designs
The design options with booths are almost endless. You can create beautiful booths by choosing from upholstery styles,  kickboards, wood finishes, trims, cappings and other accessories like booth partitions.

So there you have it, 6 great reasons why booth seating can improve your restaurant, make it more profitable and also make your customers’ dining experience that much better.

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5 Ways Modular Seating Can Benefit Your School

Modular seating is a range of different-sized and different-shaped units that can be configured together to form virtually any seating layout imaginable. But as well as being very practical, modular seating has many other other benefits.

Here are the 5 ways in which modular seating can improve various aspects of your school.


1) Reinvigorating old or worn rooms quickly and easily
We’ve seen bright and bold coloured Modular seating literally inject a new lease of life into old and shabby common rooms in schools up and down the country. And what’s more, it was done by simply dropping some units into place; there was no need to rip up carpets, paint walls or go through similar hassles.

2) Improved communal atmospheres
Given the way this type of seating can be configured, most of the schools we have worked with have found that the atmosphere in their common rooms have become much better. Students are sitting together in mixed groups and conversation is rife (when it is allowed to be!).

3) More opportunities for shared learning activities and group debates
Due to its free-standing and widely-configurable qualities, modular seating provides increased opportunities for group debates and shared learning activities amongst students in common rooms and break rooms. Therefore, in a roundabout way, modular seating actually acts as a platform for student development.

4) Teachers have more freedom to construct new and innovative lesson plans
Seeing as seating can be rearranged into almost any layout within a matter of minutes, teachers will be able to devise various new lesson plans based around teamworking activities which can be carried out thanks to your new modular seating.

5) Improved attitudes in students
We realise that not every student will show his or her appreciation for money invested in them, but many of the teachers we have dealt which claim they have seen a positive change in the attitude of students who feel proud of their ‘new’ common rooms and feel a sense of ownership thus treating it with more respect. One teacher even told us that a group of boys had shelved their mischievous behaviour in favour of playing chess in their common room!


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Things to Consider When Looking for the Perfect Piece of Reception Seating…

We’ve all walked into an office and made a split-second judgement about the organisation it belongs to based on what we see in the reception area. It’s natural. First impressions are most often made in the reception area, so it is vital to convey positive messages to visitors from the moment they enter the building.

We’re here to share with you our thoughts and experiences on what you need to consider when trying to choose the perfect piece(s) of seating to best present your company’s identity and brand image.


1) Colour
Make no mistake about it, colour is right up there with the first couple of things we take in when looking at almost anything. We all form connotations with certain colours in our minds, so this is where companies can make an instant statement about themselves and their brand(s). Typically, creative agencies tend to go with (as you’d expect) bold, bright and exciting colours – we’ve kitted out reception areas in lime greens, magentas and electric blues many a time. For the more formal organisation, though, blacks, greys, browns and other neutrals such as cream and beige tend to be popular.

2) Seating Style
Fixed or modular seating? Fixed seating (pictured above) is more often used in restaurants, but can present a very grand look if the space is available. Fixed seating is available in a variety of back styles and can be customised to create all kinds of shapes and features to really grab your visitor’s attention.

modular seating

modular seating

Modular seating is freely-moveable and widely-configurable which  means various different seating layouts can be configured with ease. Therefore, it is incredibly easy to create a new atmosphere or look in your reception area and you can do this as often as you like. Modular seating is a modern alternative to fixed seating and even though units come in standard shapes and sizes, it can be customised to an extent with various different arm and leg styles.

3) Back Styles
Even that which you may consider minor details, such as back styles, can make a big statement about your company. Deep button back seating says ‘luxury’ to most people. You could expect to find this seating in the offices of a high-end fashion label with a rich and proud heritage. Contrasting coloured vertical fluted seating, however, may be found in a more modern and innovative company. Colours and back styles should always be used to reflect the organisation’s personality and brand image.

4) Fabrics
When choosing fabrics, it wise to consider the intended use of the seating as well as purely its look and feel.  Wools are among the most desirable fabrics to use as they not only look great, they are also soft and comfortable, faux leather is the most hard-wearing and can be cleaned with the mere wipe of a cloth, while woven fabrics are a nice compromise between the two. If the seating is only to be used sparingly, wools may be ideal. However, if there will be a steady stream of people on and off the seating every day of every week, then the long-lasting properties of faux leather would be a wiser choice.

5) Layout/ Seating Arrangements

Lastly, the layout of seating can say a lot about a company. Individual seats looks very professional and give off a very professional and corporate feel, whilst curved sofas and group configurations tend to suggest a more relaxed and informal company culture is held. Again, like with back styles, layouts alone do not necessarily convey one particular image, but combined with colour and fabric can make a strong statement about the organisation and its personality.


curved modular seating

What do you think about seating in reception areas? Has anything ever wowed you and, if so, what was it?

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