Modular Seating: A Platform for Personal Development in Students?

When most people look at chairs and sofas, they see nothing more than a seat. Sure, they might take in the colours, the patterns, the texture, but their minds won’t stretch too far beyond it being a lifeless object one simply sits on. However, our experiences with teachers, headteachers and bursars have taught us that modular seating can actually act as a platform for personal development in students within schools and colleges.

modular-seating-headerYes, this may seem like a rather abstract concept (hence why we called our modular range ‘Concept2‘). It is only seating after all, but it is the attributes of this type of seating that give it the possibilities to benefit students in all kinds of ways.

First things first, modular seating is a range of different-sized and different-shaped units that can all be configured together to form virtually any seating layout imaginable. And because modular seating is lightweight, it can be slid around with ease to form different seating arrangements in a matter of seconds.

Are we making any sense yet? No? Well, think about it like this…

With modular seating, students are able to easily and quickly move the seating around into new arrangements and layouts to meet their needs.

So, with modular seating, students are far more likely to sit in groups and partake in group discussions, debates and shared learning activities.

Thus, with modular seating, students have a platform to develop their social skills and team-working skills, and we don’t need to waste words telling you how important they are, do we?

But its not just in the realm of potential for personal development that modular seating delivers. Even on the simplest level, Modular seating is functional to the highest degree and is perfect for educational environments. It can be upholstered in durable, hard-wearing and easy-to-clean fabrics. It can come in various shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. It requires no time-consuming installations. Lead times are quick and order processes are simple. Obviously we can’t vouch for every manufacturer out there, but all of the above is certainly guaranteed with us!

Now, with the current financial year edging towards its end, we know you teachers, headteachers and bursars have some important purchase decisions to make. We’re very aware of the pressure on you to make the right decisions, improve the right areas and solve the most pressing problems.

So we believe allocating some of your budget towards a long-term investment like modular seating – that is not only a physical resource but also a platform for student growth and development – would be a very prudent choice indeed. Especially since new seating can have the impact of reinvigorating an entire room without the need for ripping up carpet and painting walls, plus the fact that it should last well over 5 years too.

So, to you we say: Invest in the futures of your students; invest in modular seating.


Cube Company

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